I wanted to save this page to share all my thoughts about the Italian Lifestyle.

I will share old, but always true sayings, and facts...

  • Giovanni Verga says "You can not have a drunk wife and a full barrel" the corresponding saying for the English "You can not have your cake and eat it". For the first time I notice that an English saying is based on food and the Italian is based on drinks. I would expect it to be the opposite.

  • "I knew you when you were a pear tree and you did not make any pears, now you are a Saint and you want to make miracles?" This is an awsome saying that shows that people are hard to change, if you did not give fruits before, how can I believe you are going to give miracles?

  • Coffee Culture Did you know that Italian people take coffee at the bar, standing up, generally before 9am? When they order coffee it automatically means Espresso. If you order a Latte (like is common in the UK) you will be served a glass of plain cold Milk, if you wanted to order you usual Latte, ask for Latte Macchiato.

  • What is happening in Positano right now? - Check the weather